Everybody's Hat Parade
Season 1, Episode 8
Air date March 24, 2008
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Everybody's Hat Parade is the eight episode of the first season of Ni Hao, Kai-Lan, and the show's eighth overall episode.

Kai-Lan and her friends are putting on a hat parade today, but Rintoo gets mad when Hoho copies his design. Kai-Lan then has to tell Rintoo that the reason why Hoho copied him was because he liked it.


Kai-Lan admires Yeye's sunhat and decides to make a hat of her own using a lily pad. That's when she decides to have a hat parade. So she and her friends make some hats for the parade. Tolee finds some twigs and feathers for his hat. Rintoo finds some leaves, pinecones, and twigs for his hat. Hoho does too. (Hoho really wants to be just like Rintoo someday)

Words in Mandarin Chinese

  • 帽子mào zǐ - hat


Kai-Lan: Hey, remember when Rintoo saw Hoho's hat? Look at Rintoo. He was pointing at Hoho's hat, and he had a big frown on his face.

Rintoo: If Hoho won't take it off, then I don't want to be in the parade.


  • This is the first time that Rintoo got very mad at one of his friends.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Mr. Fluffy, and his helpful assistant, Mei Mei.
  • In the scene when Rintoo said “If Hoho won’t take it off, then I won’t be in the parade” might be a reference of Disney's “Beauty And the Beast.”


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