Season 3, Episode 5
Air date February 16, 2017
Written by PinkiePie6
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Every Little Thing He Does
C.P.O.V. (Creature Point Of View)
Ghoul-lucinations is the fifth Season Three episode of the fan-made Ni Hao Kai-Lan: Robots Are Magic spin-off and the show's overall fifty-seventh episode.


Kai-Lan and friends becomes worried for Volcanian when he experiences nightmares where he encounters a vicious shadowy figure.


  • Episode pun on: hallucinations
  • Featured character: Glacierdoon (he is a ghost).
  • It's revealed Rainbowbolt and Volcanian have a deceased brother, and his background is quite similar to Volcanian's.
  • Rainbowbolt is shown to enjoy watching romantic shows in his spare time.

Episode script


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