Happy Chinese New Year!
Season 1, Episode 7
Air date February 15, 2008
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Happy Chinese New Year is the seventh episode of the first season of Ni Hao, Kai-Lan, and the show's seventh overall episode. It premiered on Chinese New Year 2008, as part of the show's seventh overall episode, as part of the show's first week of new episodes.

Kai-Lan and her friends are celebrating Chinese New Year today, and guess what? They get to carry the Chinese New Year dragon around in a parade. But there's a problem: Rintoo is not appreciated by his spot: carrying the middle of the dragon. His friends have together him back on the team so they can work together and carry the dragon.


Today, Kai-Lan and her friends are celebrating Chinese New Year and what's more better than celebrating Chinese New Year? Watching the parade. This year, Kai-Lan and the gang are finally old enough to carry the dragon in the Chinese New Year parade. To determine who gets a spot in the dragon, Ye Ye draws a raffle and has the gang pull numbers out of a hat to see which spot they get. But here's where it gets worse: everybody is appreciated with the spot they got, everyone except Rintoo, who is disappointed about is position in the middle.

While the gang is preparing their walk in the parade, Rintoo unwillingly walks out of the dragon, making everyone tumble and fall on the ground. Everybody ends up calling him back to the team, but soon he ends up quitting, meaning that he won't help carry the dragon in the parade. Now they have to find a way to get him back with the group before the festivities begin. Just as they're about to find a way, the ants show up. One of the ants team to tie his shoe, which makes them fumble as well. They then tell him that everybody needs to work together. This makes him go back to the team, and it gives Kai-Lan the same idea. They head back to Rintoo and tell him that they need him back on the team or they won't be able to carry the dragon in the Chinese New Year parade. He still doesn't come back. This then leads to the gang chanting him back on, which works and gets him back on the team.

Once Rintoo gets back on the team, the gang is all set to carry the dragon in the parade. Once they're there, they enjoy the festivities they got, and in the end, they give Ye Ye a big hug, which ends with Kai-Lan signing off for the episode.

Words in Mandarin Chinese

  • 新年快樂!xīn nián kuài lè - Happy Chinese New Year!
  • lóng - Dragon
  • 恭喜gōng xǐ - Congratulations


  • Tolee: "How do we get ready for Chinese New Year, Kai-lan?"
  • Ye-Ye: "Guess what? This year, you're all old enough to carry the dragon."


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  • This is the first holiday episode of the series.
  • This was released since Chinese New Year has most likely been around the corner, although people do not really celebrate the holiday.


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