Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures (season 1)
Season Premiere January 7, 2012
Season Finale November 9, 2013
Episodes 13
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Season One of the Ni Hao, Kai-Lan fan-made spin-off Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures premiered on January 7, 2012 and concluded on November 9, 2013. This season, people saw a lot of craziness, such as Rintoo and Hoho fighting over a toy, Rintoo competing against an evil emperor named Malmard, and a crate of fish goes missing. The season was announced in July of 2011, and was scheduled to premiere in the fall of that year, but failure to complete the season pushed it back, and got scheduled for a January 2012 premiere date. The craziness of the first season led to a bunch of comments from Edvine2, who is also on Fanpop.


No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers
1 1 "To Share or Not to Share" January 7, 2012 1-KLRA-01

Rintoo and Hoho fight over a toy that they bought together.

2 2 "Feeling Rintoo Keen" January 7, 2012 1-KLRA-02

Rintoo has a bad case of silly-it is, and his friends try to find a rare flower that'll cure him of it.

3 3 "The Noble King" January 14, 2012 1-KLRA-03

Rintoo, Hoho, and Kai-Lan go into training to become their favorite superhero, The Monkey King.

4 4 "Mr. Fluffy's Big Move" January 21, 2012 1-KLRA-04

Kai-Lan is having a "Welcome Spring" celebration at the castle, and Mr. Fluffy races to get there on time.

5 5 "Tolee, Portrait of a King" February 4, 2012 1-KLRA-05

Tolee and Lulu's photographer becomes interested in several activities that the young king and queen plan to have with their friends.

6 6 "Hoho's Dilemma" February 11, 2012 1-KLRA-06

Mr. Fluffy's sister comes into town and Hoho is having a hard time trying to impress her.

7 7 "The Most Eligible Emperor" March 3, 2012 1-KLRA-07

Rintoo goes into competition with another emperor who seems to steals his thunder.

8 8 "Stompy's Food Craving" March 10, 2012 1-KLRA-08

Stompy can't seem to stop thinking about the picnic that's happening, and ends up going in a hunger mode.

9 9 "Rintoo's New Leaf" March 31, 2012 1-KLRA-09

Rintoo trades places with a famous race car driver to see who has the coolest job.

10 10 "The Great White Trophy" November 3, 2012 1-KLRA-10

A trophy that Rintoo, Hoho, and Lulu worked so hard on goes missing, and Hoho gets on the case to find out who stole it.

11 11 "Former Life of Ye Ye" March 24, 2013 1-KLRA-11

Kai-Lan becomes interested with Ye Ye's past of knowing flowers.

12 12 "The Mystery of the Hasty Fish" May 30, 2013 1-KLRA-12

A crate of fish goes missing the day before a big fish sale. Detective Hoho once again goes back on the case to find out what happened.

13 13 "My New Prince" November 9, 2013 1-KLRA-13

Xin Xin visits the palace and is crowned the new prince of China.

Episode Transcripts

In accordance to episodes premiering on the Fanpop fan club, transcripts of each one are posted on the wiki. Click here to see a complete list.

Season Trivia

  • Most of this season featured a bunch of references from several different shows, mostly from Cartoon Network.

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