Kai-Lan's Snowcoaster
Season 2, Episode 12
Air date February 19, 2010
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Kai-Lan and her friends are putting together a snowcoaster and each of them make different parts. Hoho really wants to help, but Rintoo says it's easy for him to do it, since he's bigger than Hoho. Kai-Lan tells Rintoo that even someone small can be a big help.

Words in Mandarin Chinese

  • tuī - push



  • This is the first episode that aired in 2010.
  • This is also the second snow day episode of the series.
  • This is also the first time that Ye Ye has a cameo appearance. The second time was in "Lulu's Cloud".
  • The characters snowsuits are different than what they wore in "The Snowiest Ride" (see the episode).

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