Let's Go Viral
Season 3, Episode 17
Air date August 3, 2017
Written by PinkiePie6
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Sleep Thrills
Let's Go Viral is the seventeenth Season Three episode of the fan made Ni Hao Kai-Lan: Robots Are Magic spin-off and the show's overall sixty-ninth episode.


When The Stink Bugs' video goes viral, the Ants try to top it. San San becomes so focused in the competition, he forgets what's important.



  • Second appearance of The Stink Bugs since their appearance in a Season One episode "This Can't Be Happening In Ant City!".
  • The two unnamed ants that are along with Bubu and Fufu from the orginal series' episode "The Ants Dance" are now named in this series; Ronnie the tall one and Lana the short one.
  • In most of their music videos, the ants wore their choice of clothing from the orginal series' episode "The Ants Dance", with San San having an outfit of his own.
  • The Ants are the main focus of the episode, obviously.
  • This episode has a total of five songs.

Episode Script

Let's Go Viral/Script

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