Let There Be Light, Part 2
Season 3, Episode 26
Air date October 26, 2017
Written by PinkiePie6
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Let There Be Light, Part 2 is the Season Three twenty-five episode of the fan-made Ni Hao Kai-Lan: Robots Are Magic spin-off, and the show's overall seventy-eighth episode. It's also the second part of the Season Three finale episode.


Having magic transfered from Kerogine, the Monkey King, the animatronics, and Grim Griefer must defeat Drillzer and his Toxin Matter crew.



  • Drillzer refers Phantabus as "the crazy loner that enters people's dreams without a second thought." This may be refrencing Someone's In The Clouds With Our Minds. This is the second episode the latter cries in, though he only shed tears.
    • Then follows, Tolee, Kunekune, Oggy, Jack, Cappy, and Ulysses.
  • Golden Kunekune appears in this episode.
  • This is the last episode the robots' tower will make its appearance, with a castle to replace it.


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