Here's a list of episodes of the Kai-Lan's Underwater Adventures series.

Season 1

1.We've Got Fish Tails! (Airdate:August 25,2012) vocabulary words:awesome,amazing,spatackular

2.Underwater City (Airdate:September 8,2012) cocabulary words:new,huge,confused

3.The Beach Ball! (Airdate:September 19,2012)

4.Bubble-Cadabra! (Airdate:September 20,2012)

5.Call A Clambulance! (Airsate:September 21,2012)

6.Rintoo's Bubble Kitty (Airdate:September 24,2012)

7.The Great Fishketball Game (Airdate:September 25,2012)

8.Super Shrimptennial Day! (Airdate:9/26/2012)

9.Happy Clam Day (Airdate:9/27/2012) vocabulary words:crumbled,celebration,party

10.Gup,Gup,And Away (Airdate:9/28/2012)

11.The Sizzling Scampinies (Airdate:10/1/2012)

12.Construction Psyched! (Airdate:10/2/2012)

13.Humunga Truck (Airdate:10/3/2012)

14.Atlantis City (Airdate:10/4/2012)

15.Kai-Lan's Birthday Party (Airdate:10/5/2012)

16.The Fireworks Party (Airdate:10/6/2012)

17.The Moon Rocks! (Airdate:10/10/2012)

18.Secret Mission (Airdate:10/11/2012)

19.Can You Dig It? (Airdate:10/12/2012)

20.Key To The Nile (Airdate:10/26/2012)

Season 2

1.Haunted House Party (Airdate:10/31/2012)

2.The Lonely Rhino (Airdate:11/21/2012)

3.The Cowboy Parade (Airdate:11/22/2012)

4.Firefighter Rintoo To The Rescue (Airdate:11/23/2012)

5.X Marks The Spot (Airdate:11/28/2012)

6.Boy Meets Squirrel (Airdate:12/5/2012)

7.The Choo Choo Express (Airdate:12/18/2012)

8.Happy Holidays! (Airdate:12/25/2012)

9.Snow Day (Airdate:1/11/2013)

10.Fintastic Fairytale Adventure (Airdate:1/25/2013)

11.A Tooth On The Looth (Airdate:2/15/2013)

12.Super Hoho To The Rescue (Airdate:2/28/2013)

13.The Legend Of Bluefoot (Airdate:3/11/2013)

14.We Totally Rock (Airdate:3/12/2013)

15.Check It Out (Airdate:3/13/2013)

16.The Villains Are Coming (Airdate:3/14/2013)

17.[[bubble bottack)

18.evil fisher attack

20.mad professor

21.octopus foughtopus

22.penguin chaos

23.more villans are coming

24.litter bug on the loss

25.shark bark

26 (special). bot attack

27.the super incredible and amazing returno bubble ball

28.chocolate blockolate

29.the doom of hooks

30 (tv movie).robot repairments

31.wanted for no reason

32.closed due to crimes

33.rintoo accused!

34 (halloween special).meet the wereman

35.werehog unleashed vicabulary words:attack,sirprised,shocking

36.attack of the zombies's raining apples fast zone

39.u turn

40.penny pincher

41.king fong

42.a very watery christmas vocabulary words:festive,holiday,giving

season 3

1.banana cream pie banzana 2.wanted for no reason again 3.nintitise hypitize 4.fishgree rules 5.fishgree's return 6.operation:fishgreenation 7.the elite sea defender sorce 8.fishgree style part 1 vocabulary words:distroyed,squash,fallen 9.fishgree style part 2 vocabulary words:emergency,retreve,damaged 10.mess clean upers 11 (tv movie).fishgree's revenge 12.cop chase 13.the speeding,traffic and no parking tikket pets allowed 15.doom of the hooks in the sea 17.litterbug on the loose 18.banana pie bananza 19 (april fools day special).war of pranks 20.chocolate bunny chase 21.crazy weather and seasons 22.wanted for no reason 2 23.back to normal 24.both land and sea 25.calling animal controll 26.cop chase 2 27.guilty or innocent 28.(special). fishywood awards 29.operation:robot riot 30 + 31. mad scientist on the loose

season 4

1.hiddin treasure out, bomb! that all you got? 4.survival for the crazy part 1:goin crazy 5.survival for the crazy part 2:how crazy residents survive 6.white tiger in town 7.lulu the gossip spreader 8.rackron's revenge 9.gone bananas 10.fishgree goes crazy 11.nerf war 12.are you kiddin me? 13.return revenge

theater movies

1.journey to the royal atlantis 2.Kai-Lan's Underwater Adventures:the movie 3.doom of fishgree 4.rintoo's really big movie 5.all alone 6.all alone 2:lost in fishyork city 7.kai-lan's underwater adventures:the movie 2:mystery of the trophy turned fishes

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