Little Pandy Lost
Season 3, Episode 2
Air date January 26, 2017
Written by PinkiePie6
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Little Pandy Lost is the 2nd Season Three episode of the fan-made Ni Hao Kai-Lan: Robots Are Magic spin-off and the show's overall fifty-fourth episode.


Tolee gets upset when he thinks he lost Pandy, but he doesn't know that Gene stole him.


  • Tolee roller skating and Hoho building a rock tower references the original series' episodes "Roller Rintoo" and "Wait, Hoho, Wait!", respectively.
  • Gene has a stuffed animal he cuddles with, like Tolee; a stuffed giraffe he affectionately names Spot-Neck.
  • Tolee cries in this episode.
  • By Medley, Pandy is given the ability to speak.
  • The ending of this episode is just like the ending of the music video of Thriller by Micheal Jackson.

Episode Script

Little Pandy Lost/Script

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