Lulu the Rhino





First appearance

Dragonboat Festival

Voiced by

Beverly Duan

Basic Information

Lulu is a cute and very pretty pink rhino who has a red balloon tied to her nose that helps her fly in the sky. Her best friend is Kai-Lan and her other friends. When her friends are in trouble, Lulu is the one in the group who stays calm, remains positive, and thinks of a solution to the problem. Lulu is always seen as being there to help her friends. Lulu's home is a castle in the sky. Lulu plays the piano in Kai-Lan's music group. Her favorite fruit is the lychee. She likes balloons, tea parties, dancing, playing house, and dressing up like a fairy. She is very nice, energetic, and sweet.




  • Lulu is a pure Chinese character in the series. Like Dora in her series Dora the Explorer
  • Lulu is a sub-character that appears in some episodes in the series, not all.

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