Ogre revenge is a comedy,action and adventure film of nihao kai-lan.


The film begins with rintoo eating chocolate and watching tv but he soon fell asleep and felt like being in a land where everything is made of chocolate and began but discovers that it was just a dream then heads outside with ogre watching him thinking what revenge he should take.first a giant robot attacked the town but rintoo toke it down,then he made a bomb to blow up the town but rintoo stopped it then he tried more,more,more and more plans but rintoo keeps on foiling them,then he made a giant robot spider but rintoo distroyed it the same thing happened again,again,again,again,again,again and over and over and over again then he gets annoyed and wants to finish rintoo once and for all with a giant robot that looked like him but it was distroyed by rintoo.then rintoo became a hero and builders builded a golden statue of him.

soundtrack little slip 2.robot madness rock 4.dymonmite 5.reck party 6.wild boy 7.gas craze 8.feel this moment 9.give me the remote driving,i am,no i am!'s your fault no it isn't! 12.robo down 13.robot riot 14.i've been working on the rail road 15.home on the range 16.robot racas 17.scream and shout (b words removed) and me

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