Princess Kai-Lan
Season 2, Episode 20
Princess Kai-Lan DVD
Air date October 8, 2010
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Princess Kai-Lan is the twentieth and final episode of the second season of Ni Hao, Kai-Lan, and the show's thirty-eight overall episode. The hour-long episode premiered on October 8, 2010. The Monkey King needs your help. The foxes and bears are mad with each other and he doesn't know why. So Kai-Lan and her friends embark on a journey to help fix the situation. During their adventure, they encounter a young bear cub and a young fox cub who quickly become best friends, but their own kinds won't let them see each other. Can Kai-Lan fix this predicament before it gets worst?


The episode begins with Kai-Lan and her friends playing a game of ladybug volleyball. Just as they're playing, a flying squirrel approaches them. But here's a surprise, that squirrel is actually the Monkey King! He showed up to ask for Kai-Lan's help because in a magical kingdom of foxes and bears. They are mad at each other, and there is a wall in the middle of their kingdom, and as a result, it's a problem he can't even solve. So Kai-Lan and her friends went to the kingdom to ask the fox king why they don't like the bears. Because their dancing shakes the ground. Then they went to ask the bear queen why they don't like the foxes. Because their singing is horrible. So the foxes and the bears go to the wall, and told each other why their mad. Then Kai-Lan told everyone that the foxes and bears are friends. After that the Monkey King turned the wall into a bridge. Kai-Lan then told the king and queen that they should call the place "the kingdom of friends". Te fox king and the bear queen said that they needed a princess, so the Monkey King said that Kai-Lan should be "the princess of friends". Everyone liked it, so the Monkey King turned Kai-Lan into a princess, then everyone cheered for princess Kai-Lan with fire works. Princess Kai-Lan then said that her friends should be "the knights of the kingdom of friends", so KaI-Lan turned her friends into knights, then end the show./movie with singing and dancing.

Words in Mandarin Chinese

  • tiào - jump
  • 朋友péng yǒu - friend
  • chuī - blow
  • 狐王hú wáng - Fox King
  • 熊后xióng hòu - Bear Queen
  • 公主gōng zhǔ - Princess


  • Monkey King: "It's a problem that not even I can solve."
  • Rintoo: "Yeah, Kai-Lan is the best friend ever."


  • This is the final episode of season 2 and the very last episode that aired in 2010.
  • Ye-Ye really does not appear in this episode, which marks this the first episode without him.
  • This episode marks the Monkey King's official debut. He also appears in the season three episode, Journey to Monkey King Castle.
  • This is the only episode where sub-characters and minor characters don't appear. The characters are Lulu, San-san and the ants, Howard the Owl, Mr. Hoppy, Mr. Grasshopper, The Peeking Mice, Stompy and the Ladybugs.
  • The overall plot of this episode may be similar to Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" play as both this, and the play featured main characters that weren't allowed to see each other due to their families hating each other.


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