Vital statistics
Title Rintoo the Tiger
Gender Male
Species Tiger
Age 5 (tiger years)
First Appearance Dragonboat Festival
Voiced by Jack Samson

Rintoo is one of the main characters of the Nickelodeon series, Ni Hao, Kai-Lan. He is voiced by Jack Samson.

Basic Information

Rintoo is the main character in the show who often acts before he thinks. He is yellow rather than orange, probably because he's a Chinese tiger rather than a Bengal tiger. He is one of Kai-Lan's friends and he even shares a special handshake with her. He likes to play rough but when it comes to his friends, he's willing to compromise. He can be very overexcited and rambunctious about things and sometimes problems can happen. However, with help from his friends, his problems can be solved. He is good at roaring, as Kai-Lan stated in Safari Pals. Even though he is with Hoho most of the time, his actual best friend is Tolee. He might be a tiger, but he is sweet on the inside.

He has been hurt twice; the first one happened in Ni Hao, Halloween, when he tripped on a rock and sprained his ankle, ruining his chances of going trick-or-treating with his friends which in turn caused him to cry. The only other instance of this was in Kai-Lan's Playhouse, when Hoho punched his leg when he had terrible luck at finding things for his wall, but Rintoo shook that other hit off, however. His favorite things are race cars and dragons.


Rintoo has yellow skin with brown stripes with white hair and a brown nose. He also has black eyes with white pupils.



  • Awesome!
  • Yes!
  • Rawr!



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