Rintoo in a Mess of Trouble
Season 2, Episode 4
Air date July 12, 2014
Written by Chris Caesar
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Rintoo in a Mess of Trouble is the fourth episode of the second season of Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures, and the show's seventeenth overall episode.

Kai-Lan and her friends are commissioned with making the most amazing domino course in the history of China, but just as construction is finished, Rintoo loses a very ancient knife that was given to the Monkey King. Now he has to remember where he last saw it before the Monkey King shows up at the palace.

Plot Overview

Rintoo, Tolee and Hoho are in the playroom, playing a game of marbles. Rintoo is close to winning when Hoho tricks him into thinking that one of his lost cars was found. Kai-Lan shows up to tell them about what she was looking forward to for years: making a course. The gang comes up with several ideas, from a dinosaur statue to a race car with dragon flame seat covers. This gives Tolee the idea to have a domino course with tons of awesome surprises. Everyone agrees with the idea and gets the supplies.

Meanwhile, Rintoo heads over to the Monkey King's castle for some dominoes. As they head to get them, the Monkey King tells Rintoo about a special knife that was made and used for the constructions of the palace and the Monkey King's house, that was given to him as a memory of when construction happened.


  • Rintoo: "And it looks like I remain the king of marbles. Who thinks they won't beat me?"
  • Hoho: "Rintoo, how do you even manage to play like that?"
  • Rintoo: "A marble master never reveals his secrets. Besides, I don't wanna give out secrets right in the middle of the game, do I? Now, who's turn is it?"
  • Hoho: "Hey Rintoo, is that one of the cars you were looking for?"


For the full transcript, see Rintoo in a Mess of Trouble/Transcript.


  • This episode was inspired by a domino world record set by a group of Japanese people around 1985. This world record was broadcast on the Tokyo Broadcasting System, and was featured on an In the News segment on CBS in November of that year.
  • After reading the episode, Edvine2 stated that when the course was made, he made out that late cartoonist Rube Goldberg came back to life to witness what they did.
  • A snippet of Hanson's 1997 hit song MMMBop is featured when Kai-Lan and the gang are making the domino course.

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