Roller Rintoo
Season 1, Episode 15
Air date October 7, 2008
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Rintoo wants to be good at roller-skating, but at first it's more difficult than he expected, until he learns to take it slow by going on two hands, then one hand, then all by yourself.

Words in Mandarin Chinese

  • kuài - fast
  • 溜冰鞋liù bīng xié - roller skates
  • 頭盔tóu kuī - helmet
  • 護膝hù xī - knee pads


  • Rintoo: "Roller skating? Yes, I love roller skating."
  • Rintoo: "I want to be a great skater, but skating is really really hard, and it's taking so long!" *yells*
  • Kai-Lan: "Let's go go go!" *says follow me in Chinese* (Kai-Lan and her friends make train sounds while Rintoo does the whistle).


  • This is the first time we see Rintoo in roller skates.
  • Error: if you see where Kai-Lan is putting her on skates, she wearing her shoes under them.


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