Sports Day
Season 1, Episode 13
Sports Day-Title Card
Air date August 6, 2008
Written by Spencer Walker
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Sports Day is the thirteenth episode of the first season of Ni Hao, Kai-Lan. The episode premiered on August 6, 2008, as part of Nick Jr's day of new sport-filled episodes.


Kai-Lan and her friends are having a sports day today, but Rintoo keeps upsetting the gang with his constant bragging, which makes Tolee and Hoho quit so kai-lan must help rintoo learn to be a good sport, help tolee and hoho be friends with Rintoo again.

Words in Mandarin Chinese

  • 恐龍kǒng lóng - dinosaur
  • 开始kai shi - begin
  • 预备yu bei - get ready


Tolee: That does it! I quit the Dinosaur Games!

Hoho: Me too! I quit!

Kai-Lan: Tolee! Hoho!


  • This is the first sports-themed episode of the TV series.

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