T.k adventures is a upcoming video game series set to premiere sometime 2028.

the t.k crew

The t.k crew are 5 tigers who go on adventures and are the main protogonists.

  • rinto (the main protogonist and leader and uses super strength)
  • tegy (rinto's brother and trips over people)
  • tabang (has a blaster that reloads atticmatticlly)
  • whamp (uses a hammer)
  • ka-boomo (throws bombs)


1.t.k. Adventures:the journey begins.

In this game rinto starts the t.k crew and they play a game called do nothing at all until they hear that a uncought villain named nasder who plans to take over the world and they attempt to stop him.

2.T.k adventures 2:rise of thernies

In this game the t.k members dicided to stop playing do nothing at all after it starts to get boring and then attempt to stop a ink monster named therny and her minions.

3.t.k adventures 3:ogreic return

In this game ogre returns and plans to distroy the city with a electrical ray shooting machine and the player has to help stop him.

4.t.k adventures 4:nasder's revenge

In this game nasder come back and plans to turn the town inside icicles and the player has to help stop him again.

5.t.k t-5:back to the past the gang and rintoo's other freinds travel to the past that shows things from past episodes of nihao kai-lan to collect the 6 time crystals and use them to stop a monster named timera and save the world.

6.t.k journey The player needs to help the gang get back home after a portal sucks them up and leads them to another dimension.

7.t.k journey 2 The gang is stuck in the bottom of a cliff and is trying to survive and get home.

8.t.k journey 3

Ho-ho gets captured by ogre and rinto and the gang needs to rescue them.

9.t.k 8-bit

The gang and lulu and stompy get stuck im a 8-bit world and try to go home but a 8-bit police tries to stop them.

10.t.k television adventure

The gang and kai-lan get sucked into a t.v and need to go back home.

11.kai-lan and rintoo's search

Rintoo and kai-lan Search for their lost stuff.

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