Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures
Season 1, Episode 10
"The Great White Trophy"

[The episode begins with Rintoo and Lulu in the living room.]

Rintoo: Hey guys, I have an announcement to make.
Hoho: What is it?
Rintoo: Well, as you know, there's this competition to see who can make the best invention in China. First place gets this big trophy with a white crown on it. I'm telling you, this is gonna be an awesome contest.
Kai-Lan: Well, that's really good. What do you think you're gonna invent?
Rintoo: Well, I haven't thought about it yet. But when it comes to me, it'll be the scoop of the century.
Tolee: Wow, that's great.
Lulu: And I've volunteered to help.
Rintoo; Yeah, and just look at what we might make. I've already drew a design of what we might make.

[Everyone gathers around and looks at Rintoo's design.]

Tolee: Rintoo, you are one talented artist.
Rintoo: Xie xie, Tolee.
Hoho: What is it?
Rintoo: I haven't thought of a name yet. But when the time comes, it'll have a name by then.
Kai-Lan: Well, it sure looks like fun and I would love to help, but there's this dinosaur convention in Colorado, and I don't wanna miss it. I do wish you was coming with me.
Rintoo: And I'm pretty sure that it's gonna be awesome. But I already signed up, so I won't have time to make it.
Tolee: Dinosaurs sure sound fun. Hey Kai-Lan, why don't I come along with you?
Kai-Lan: That's a super idea, Tolee. And I have somebody to tag along with the dinosaur convention. And we can see some actual dinosaurs perform on stage.
Tolee: Sounds great. Well, see you guys later.
Rintoo, Lulu and Hoho: See you.

[Kai-Lan and Tolee walk out of the room.]

Rintoo: Well, should we get started?
Lulu: Yeah, we should.
Hoho: Hey, can I help? I'm really good with putting things together.
Lulu: Sure, Hoho. We need the extra help.
Hoho: Good, because I have some excellent ideas.
Rintoo: Good. With Hoho's help, we can get this thing done before the competition.
[The scene cuts to the basement, where Rintoo, Hoho and Lulu are working on the project for the inventor's competition.]

Hoho: Okay, what have we got so far?
Rintoo: All I have is this wire, a string, some old wheels I found in the basement and this blue tube.
Hoho: I don't know what you can make with those things, but I'm pretty sure if we can put our heads together, we can make something that will knock the socks off of those judges.
Lulu: And with this stuff, we can make something sure enough to make first place.
Rintoo: Lulu's right. So let's get started on that invention.
All: Let's do it! [They all stack their hands together and throw them up in the air.]

[The scene changes to a montage of the three friends working together and creating the invention that Rintoo stated will knock the socks off of the judges.]

Rintoo: Well guys, I think that we really did an awesome job on this. What do you think we should name it?
Hoho: I was thinking we should name it the Super Duper Metal Scooper. Does that sound like a nice man or what?
Rintoo: I don't think calling it the Super Duper Metal Scooper is such a nice man for a device like this.
Hoho: Really?
Lulu: There's nothing so special about it, and it does have a certain royal taste to it. What do you think we should name it, Rintoo?
Rintoo: Well, I was thinking over it, and since it is really royal indeed, I think we should call it the Royal Detector.
Hoho: Hey, that dosen't sound like a bad name. Don't you think, Lulu?
Lulu: Yeah, it is. Great name, Rintoo.
Rintoo: Well, you know, it's my specialty. Now if that won't win the inventor's competition, I don't know what will. [laughs] Now let's get this thing to the fair. It's got a big day to accomplish.

[The gang takes their new invention to the inventor's competition. There they witness a very mysterious man with a big bag.]

Rintoo: Excuse me, are you competiting?
Man: Huh. Are you talking to me?
Rintoo: Who do you think I was talking to, myself?
Man: I don't think so. Of course I am. What have you got there?
Hoho: It's our invention. We call it the Royal Detector.
Man: The Royal Detector? What's that?
Rintoo: Well, you see, it can detect the slightest amount of people who are in the royal sector, and determines whether or not you're in royalty or not. Right now, it says that you're at least in royalty, about 89%.
Man: Really?
Lulu: It says it. What's your invention?
Man: It's very special. I call it the "Maximum Grass Trimmer".
Hoho: Maximum grass trimmer? That dosent't even look like a real invention. It looks like a pile of garbage.
Man: [sarcastically] Well, excuse me? I can assure you that it can trim grass 100 times better than some raggity lawnmover. This is the invention of the future.
Rintoo: Hoho's right. This thing is not gonna go any further. Why didn't you gather some hardware and bulit a real trimmer?
Man: Because I can't afford it, and I didn't have time.
Lulu: I don't see how you're going to win the competition with this piece of junk.
Man: [angrily] It's not junk, IT'S AN INVENTION!

[Everyone stops what they were doing and pays attention at the angry man.]

Rintoo: Okay. So we're gonna put our invention up on display. We hope you calm down, Mr. um. What's your name by the way.
Man: Call me Matthew. I'm sorry that I yelled at you, but you gotta notice that I haven't won any invention competition in the 2 years that I have entered. So just be sure that you will not win.
Rintoo: You're so wrong.
Matthew: Let's hope so. [softly] And if you do win, I'm gonna take that trophy and call it mine, you dirty-ass miner.

[The scene cuts back to the palace, where Rintoo, Hoho and Lulu are talking about their new invention to some of their friends.]

Hoho: It can even detect whether or not you're in royalty.
All: Oh.
Mei Mei: When can we see it?
Rintoo: Tomorrow, at the inventor's competition. We'll be sure to win first prize.
Stompy: You guys better watch out. I heard that Matthew Weathers is going to be competing again this year.
Rintoo: Matthew Weathers. Wait, isn't he the guy we ran into today?
Hoho: You know, I think it is.
Stompy: What did he look like?
Rintoo: Well, he sorta had a leopard striped sweatervest, and he was like this tall. [Rintoo raises his hands showing that the guy they met was around 5'9".]
Stompy: I heard that he entered the inventor's competition twice, and he hasn't won one. This year, he's developed a new invention that he assures will give him his first win.
Hoho: Ha, he made this crap invention that is not about to get the judge's attention. He calls it the "Maximum Grass Trimmer", and it's nothing but garbage.

[Everyone starts laughing at Hoho's remark of Matthew's invention.]

Hoho: We said rude remarks about his invention.
Rintoo: And then he got mad and said it was an invention. I can assure you that that contraption is a piece of junk.
Mr. Fluffy: What did it have on it?
Lulu: It was nothing on there but some twigs, leaves, some busted wires and a few unsufficicated issues.
Rintoo: Other than that, it was a piece of trash. [laughs] We won't know whether or not he'll win this year, because we have the best invention ever made.
Hoho: You've said it. Now guys, don't forget about the inventor's competition tommorow. It's important that you support our new invention.
Mr. Fluffy: Don't worry, we won't forget.

[Their friends walk out of the room and out of the palace.]

Rintoo: Well, let's get some rest. We've got a big day tomorrow.
Lulu: You've said it. Rintoo, are you sure we're gonna win the competition? I mean, what if Stompy is right? What if Matthew wins?
Rintoo: Lulu, there is now way that that'll happen. Besides, you saw the way that invention was made. Ours is sure to win. You'll see.
Lulu: Well, I hope you're right.

[The scene cuts to the outside of the palace, where Matthew is staring at the window.]

Matthew: You really think you guys can win this year? Well, we'll just see about. Once I take the prize, you'll be sorry. [laughs evilly]

[The scene cuts to the day of the inventor's convention. Rintoo, Hoho and Lulu are putting their invention on a small table, which is right next to Matthew's invention.]

Matthew: Hey guys. Good to see your "nice" invention again. Hope you guys take the chance to hope that you'll take the win. [softly] Let's hope so.
Hoho: Xie xie, Matthew. We hope so too.
Rintoo: Hey guys, here comes the judge. Let's give them our best.

[The judges approach toward the three kids, holding clipboards and pens.]

Judge #1: Well, what do we have here?
Rintoo: This is the "Royal Detector." You see, it detects the slightest movement in the royal stage, and determines whether or not you're related to roaylty or not. Here see how it's done.

[One of the judges comes up to the Royal Detector and it scans whether he is royalty. It rings positive.]

Judge #2: Wow, this thing is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Don't you guys think so?
Judge #1: I have to say it is. No other machine could ever show such respect to people's retrospective.
Judge #3: You can say that again. I have no other choice. Judges.

[The judges huddle up to discuss the Royal Detector's performance.]

Judge #1: Okay. We have come to a decision. The winner of this year's inventor's competition is the team of Rintoo the Tiger, Hoho the Monkey and Lulu the Rhino, with their invention, the Royal Detector.
Hoho: Did you guys hear that? We Won! WE WON!
Rintoo: I knew we'd win. I just knew it. This is the most awesome thing I have ever heard! See Lulu, I told you Matthew wouldn't be winning again.
Lulu: Well, that was one thing I proved wrong.
Judge #1: As head of the convention, I hearby present to these three winners the Great White Trophy.

[The judge hands the kids the Great White Trophy.]

Judge #1: Tell me. Who is the creative genius behind this invention?
Rintoo: I am. I have thought of it when I first heard about it. And these guys helped me create this wonderous invention.
Judge #3: Well, you guys sure will have fun with the trophy. Let's give a hand for these three wonderous yet pretty "young" inventors!

[Everybody gives one more round of applause for Rintoo, Hoho and Lulu. Everyone except Matthew, who walks over to the back and plans a scheme.]

Matthew: You guys think you're so excellent, and that your invention won this year's competition. But mark my words, I WILL GET MY REVENGE! [Thunder starts striking.]

[On the way back to the palace, Rintoo, Hoho and Lulu are carrying the trophy in their hands.]

Rintoo: I can't believe that we won, and it's our first time entering. I gotta say, we've got some spunk.
Lulu: Well, I wouldn't say it like that. After all, I was lucky.

[Matthew suddenly appears.]

Rintoo: Oh, hey Matthew. How it's going?
Matthew: Great, just great. Congradulations on your big win. I didn't know you guys could make such an invention that the judges actually like. You're lucky.
Hoho: Okay. So we're gonna head back to the palace now. So, see you later.
Matthew: Yeah, catch y'all later. [silently] And then I'll take that trophy away from you and call it mine.

[Matthew storms out. Later that night, the kids are asleep, while the trophy is put safely in the living room. Matthew, in a robbers' outfit, appears near the front window and starts breaking in.]

Matthew: Alright. I'm just one step closer away from getting that trophy. I just need to sneak into the palace, get the trophy and get out before anything happens.

[With a crowbar, Matthew carefully prys open the window and sneaks into the palace. Grabbing a big black bag, he rushes over to where the trophy is and swoops it up, making his escape.]

Matthew: At long last, the Great White Trophy is mine. All mine.

[Without getting caught by the royal advisors, he silently sneaks back to the window and makes his daring escape. The following morning, the royal advisors walk over to the glass dome and discover that the trophy has been stolen.]

Advisor #1: What the? The trophy is gone.
Advisor #2: What? Holy crap, you're right. Emergency, the Great White Trophy has been stolen! I repeat, the Great White Trophy has been stolen!
Hoho: What?
Rintoo: Did you just say that someone has stolen our prize winning trophy?!
Advisor #2: Looks like it.
Lulu: What are we going to do? That was the first thing that we have won together as a team.
Hoho: I know what we're gonna do. We're gonna find out what had happened and who stole that trophy. And I'm just the person you can count on.
Rintoo: You, how?
Hoho: Simple. I read a couple of Sherlock Holmes books and I know just what to do. You can even say that I'm your average monkey, but I can also play a detective. Just call me....Detective Hoho, Private Eye. I'll search whatever is missing and make sure that it's back to its rightful owner.
Rintoo: Awesome! We've got a detective for a friend. How peculiar.
Hoho: You get that feeling. Now let's search for some clues. Now what did you guys first notice when the trophy went missing?
Advisor #2: We found out that nothing was on that ledge when we came in here, but we did notice a little suspicious liquid that was left by the robber. Whatever it is, it dose not look like it came from the kitchen sink.
Hoho: Okay, so we have this liquid. I wonder what it really is. [He walks over to the liquid and takes a look at what it is] It looks like....water.
Advisor #1: Water?
Hoho: It sure isn't orange juice.

[Rintoo walks over to the mysterious liquid.]

Rintoo: Hoho's right. It's clear and it looks clean.
Hoho: So whoever took the trophy had some sort of liquid substance. The question is, who?
Rintoo: We don't know, but we'll find out once we gather all the clues and get to the bottom of this.
Lulu: Well, I know somebody who carrys round a thermos.
Rintoo: Who?
Lulu: You know Mei Mei carrys around that big yellow thermos whenever she goes on a picnic or somewhere else. You know, the one she has in her bag?
Rintoo: Oh, now I know. She showed it to me one day while I was playing in the park.
Lulu: And today she said she was going to have a picnic with Mr. Fluffy. Maybe we can ask her a few questions, and get some more clues.
Rintoo: And if she dosen't know, there's always the next victim. Hey guys, if somebody comes here, tell them that we'll be gone for a while.
Advisor #2: You have our word.
Rintoo: Alright guys, let's go.

[The three head out of the room on the way to the park. The scene then cuts to Mei Mei and Mr. Fluffy enjoying their picnic when Rintoo, Hoho and Lulu approach them.]

Rintoo: Hey guys.
Mei Mei: You're just in time. Me and Mr. Fluffy were just about to start our picnic. You're more than welcome to join us if you want.
Rintoo: No thanks. We came to ask you a few questions.
Hoho: You remember when we won that Great White Trophy at the inventors' convention?
Mei Mei: Yeah. You guys did a fantastic job on that invention. I can hardly wait to see it do its magic again.
Rintoo: That's the point. our trophy is missing!
Mr. Fluffy: What?! Did you say it was...missing?
Hoho: That's right.
Lulu: We've looked everywhere around the palace, but it wasn't there. We've followed some clues and came upon this suspicious liquid which smelled like juice. We came to you because we knew you had a thermos full of it. Did you know that?
Mei Mei: Well, the thermos was filled up with juice, but I wasn't the one who took it. Besides, I haven't been anywhere near the palace today. But on my way to the park, I saw a man with a black coat and a huge saw.
Hoho: Which way did he go?
Mei Mei: Probably heading here.
Hoho: Alright. We've got a man with a black coat and a huge saw. Who do we know that fits this description?
Lulu: Well, I think there's one person we know that has a black coat.
Rintoo and Hoho: Who?
Lulu: Ye Ye.
Rintoo: Really? I thought he used to own a white coat. Are you sure?
Lulu: Yes I am. I saw him wear it one day while I was playing catch with Tolee.
Rintoo: So what you're saying is we should ask Ye Ye whether or not he'd seen who stole our trophy.
Lulu: It was either that or keep looking for clues whithout help. Either way, you choose.
Rintoo: Yeah, I'm gonna go for Ye Ye.
Hoho: Same here.

[The scene cuts to Ye Ye, where he is seen carrying a bag full of sand.]

Rintoo: Ye Ye, Ye Ye.
Ye Ye: What is it, Rintoo?
Rintoo: We've come here to ask you a few questions. You see, we recently won a trophy in the inventors' competition and somehow it went missing. Do you ave any idea who that person is?
Ye Ye: I didn't see the person who took the trophy, but I don't know who it is.
Hoho: Mei Mei told us that he had a black jacket on, and as I know it, you're the only one with a black jacket. Anything you need to say on that?
Ye Ye: Ummm, I don't think so. But I did see somebody with a red scarf on.
Lulu: A red scarf, huh? That looks like it could be another clue.
Rintoo: A new clue. And it looks like the exact scarf that Stompy has. Come on, let's go find him. Zai jian, Ye Ye.
Ye Ye: Good luck.

[The scene cuts to Stompy's house, where they find him wearing a large red scarf and a blue hat.]

Stompy: Ni Hao, everyone. How do you like my outfit? I give it a number 1.
Rintoo: It is nice. But that's not what we came here for. We came to ask you a couple of questions.
Stompy: What kind of questions?
Hoho: These questions: Did you see anyone mysterious coming around here in the last few days?
Stompy: Hmm, I don't think so. Why do you wanna know?
Hoho: Because somebody stole our trophy that we won at the inventors' competition. We noticed it the moment we walked in the room.
Rintoo: Luckily, we got some clues from some of our friends, and this clue led up to you.
Stompy: Wow, I'm one of the clues in this mystery. Interesting.
Rintoo: It may sound interesting, but it can't compare to the person who stole our trophy. I guess that you wouldn't know what you saw if you said you didn't see anything.
Stompy: Well, I did see one thing.
Lulu: Really, what is it?
Stompy: It was a big black bag that was waving behind whoever was carrying it.
Hoho: A big black bag. Well, it looks like we've got enough clues to find out who took the trophy. Let's head back to the palace so we can put the clues together, and get to the bottom of this. See ya, Stompy.
Stompy: Good luck on the mystery!

[The scene cuts back to the palace, where Hoho, Rintoo, and Lulu are putting the clues they had gathered from their friends.]

Hoho: Okay, let's see what we've got. What do we have so far?
Rintoo: We've got a puddle of juice, a black coat, and a red scarf. Everything that we had obtained from each of our friends.
Lulu: Not so fast, Rintoo. I seem to have found one more clue.
Hoho: Really, what is it?
Lulu: This silver keychain that says "I have a feeling for Los Angeles".
Rintoo: Wow, that is awesome. I can't believe the culprit would have this. They don't even sell them here.
Hoho: Looks like we've got another entry in our stack of clues.

[Hoho takes the keychain and puts it in the clue pile.]

Hoho: We've got a puddle, a coat, a red scarf and a keychain. Who do you suppose would have all of this?

[Suddenly, the doorbell rings. Rintoo goes over there to see who it is. Turns out, it's Matthew.]

Rintoo: Hey Matthew, how's it going?
Matthew: I came down here to apologize about what happened that day. I didn't mean all that stuff about the invention. It's actually pretty good, and has a massive appeal to it.
Rintoo: Wow, I can't believe what I'm hearing. I guess we could forgive you. Hey, we've got a big mystery on our hands. Somebody stole our trophy, and we've got clues here to find out who stole it.

[Matthew takes a sudden glimpse at the stuff and takes a gasp. It turns out that it's his stuff.]

Matthew: [under his breath] Oh man. I must've left some stuf in my mist.
Lulu: What was that?
Matthew: I said "Wow, you've sure got a lot of stuff on your mist. I sure hope you find your culpit. [to himself] Which won't be me.

[Hoho spots some liquid in Matthew's thermos, which look exactly like the one left behind in the bookcase.]

Hoho: Hey, that looks exactly like the liquid that was left behind when the trophy was stolen.
Matthew: Really? I'm not surprised.
Hoho: Just to be sure. Give me that thermos.

[Matthew hands his thermos to Hoho.]

Hoho: This is the exact same liquid that was left behind when the trophy was stolen. Guys, I think we found our trophy snatcher.
Rintoo and Lulu: Who?
Hoho: Matthew Weathers.

[Rintoo and Lulu gasp.]

Matthew: Fine, you got me! But I'll tell you why. Because I hated the way everyone was going on and on about your invention. All the glory, the fame, the fortune and all the fancy crap that made it som damn god! And you know what, that's just all the detalis that made me think "Maybe I'll take the trophy and claim it as mine." You wanna know how I thought about it?
Rintoo: How?
Matthew: [angrily] That much!! You may have found out that it was me who got that trophy, but there's no way in Sans Christian Anderson that you're gonna get me!
Rintoo: I can reconsider that. Guards, get that thief.

[The guards manage to get Matthew and retrieve the trophy from his bag.]

Guard #1: Serves you right for taking something that rightfully belongs to the emperor and empress of China. We hearby place you, under the order of Emperor Rintoo, under arreset.
Matthew: What the hell, man?! I didn't recall getting arrested. Maybe getting my ass kicked or something, or a iron burn to the back. I mean something other than time in jail. Come on.
Guards: Shut up!

[The guards put Matthew in handcuffs and send him to the chamber.]

Guard #2: Here's your trophy, Rintoo.
Rintoo: Wow, it's still good.
Hoho: Just goes to show you that if you mess with the guards, you're getting locked up.
Rintoo: That's what I was gonna say. Come on, let's go put this back.

[The gang puts the trophy back in its rightful place.]

Lulu: There, back where it belongs.

[Kai-Lan and Tolee return back to the palace.]

Tolee: We're back.
Rintoo: How was the dinosaur convention?
Tolee: It was good. We got in touch with an actual tyrannosaurus rex skeleton.
Kai-Lan: And he was as big as a bus.
Hoho: Wow, you guys had a great adventure.
Kai-Lan: It sure was fun. So how was the inventors' competition?
Rintoo: Really fun. we even won the Great White Trophy.
Tolee: Really?
Rintoo: You bet. Come look at it.

[The gang heads on over the case, where the recently found trophy is sitting.]

Kai-Lan: Wow, look at it. It gives this palace a super "A".
Lulu: You've said it.
Hoho: Hey Rintoo, what do you think we should make for next year's competition?
Rintoo: I don't know. But whatever we come up with, it's gonna be awesome.
Hoho: And how awesome it will be.

[The camera zooms away from the case.]

End of episode.

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