The Ladybug Festival
Season 2, Episode 1
Air date February 2, 2009
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Today's the Ladybug Festival and Kai-Lan and her friends are very excited. But things get twisted when Rintoo and Hoho guide the group to different paths in the end they successfully go to the festival.

Words in Mandarin Chinese

  • 小鸟xiǎo niǎo - bird


  • Rintoo: "I knew I liked the hiking song."


  • This is the very first episode of season 2. It's also the first episode that aired in 2009.
  • This episode is also the second time that Tolee brings his big panda backpack filled with a lot of stuff that he keeps in. The first time he did that was in "Kai-Lan's Campout".
  • It is revealed that Kai-Lan loves ladybugs very much.
  • This is first episode that Kai-Lan & Tolee wore different footwear besides Kai-Lan wearing red shoes and Tolee wearing panda slippers.

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