The Most Eligible Emperor
Season 1, Episode 7
Air date March 3, 2012
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The Most Eligible Emperor is the seventh episode of the first season of the fan-made spin-off Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures. The episode aired on March 3, 2012. Rintoo and the gang encounters a snooty emperor with a bad temper. Now Rintoo has to prove he's a better emperor in a series of challenges that will prove whether he's the "most eligible emperor".


Rintoo tries to prove to an out-of-shape snooty emperor that he is more than just an emperor, by showing him how much stuff he can do through a wild out competition to see who is the "most eligible emperor".


  • Rintoo: Okay, Robo Buddy, do a super silly dance, followed by a wiggle, and rub your tummy.
  • Emperor Malmard: "Oh, Rintoo, you blush too much.
  • Rintoo: The most powerful emperor in all of China just challenged me to see who is a better emperor.
  • Malmard: "Your ass is going down, you little bitch."

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