The Noble King
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date January 14, 2012
Written by Christopher Caesar
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The Noble King is the third episode of the first season of the fan-made spin-off, Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures. It premiered on January 14, 2012. In this episode, Kai-LanRintoo and Hoho see a news article about the Monkey King saving a cat from a tree. In anticipation of this, they deicde that they want to be just like their favorite superhero.


The episode begins with Kai-Lan and Hoho reading a newspaper article about their favorite superhero, The Monkey King. They then talk about how awesome he is and decide that they want to be just like him. In an instant, the Monkey King mysteriously shows up behind them. He insists that the three kids come with him to his castle up in the sky for a little lesson.


  • Kai-Lan: Check out this deadline, "The Monkey King willingly rescues cat from a falling branch."
  • Hoho: The Monkey King can do all sorts of things.
  • Kai-Lan: Yeah, like fly, do silly things and jumping really high.
  • Hoho: The Monkey King can save anybody.
  • Rintoo: Wow, the Monkey King is awesome. I sure hope I can be like him someday.

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  • This is the shortest episodes in the series.
  • Tolee and Lulu are nowhere to be seen in the episode, making it the first episode without the king or queen.

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