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Vital statistics
Title Main Character
Gender Male
Type of Animal Koala
Age 5
First Appearance Dragonboat Festival
Voiced by Khamani Griffin

Tolee the Koala is one of the main characters of Ni Hao, Kai-Lan. He is voiced by Khamani Griffin.

Basic Information

Tolee is a koala bear and is one of the main characters. He is 5 years old and wears a red hooded top with a panda on it and he also wears slippers with panda faces on the front, he never leaves home without them. He has a stuffed panda called Pandy. He loves him so much that he hates being separated from him. He is the rhyming singer of Kai-Lan's music group. He can always worry, but that dosen't stop him from having fun with his friends.

Role in Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures

In the show's fan-made spin-off Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures, he takes the role as the king of China. Even thought he may be the king, there's always something that'll take him to a whole new level.


Tolee is gray koala bear who has red hooded shirt with a panda on it. He has black eyes with white pupils and a black nose. He also wears panda slippers.



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