Tolee's Rhyme Time
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date February 11, 2008
Written by Bradley Zweig
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Kai-Lan is starting a music show with all of her friends. Rintoo plays his xylophone, Hoho scratches his turntables, Kai-Lan shakes her tambourine, Mr. Sun plays the trumpet, and Lulu plays the piano. Tolee decides that he wants to be a singer in the music group, but however, he is having a lot of trouble rhyming as he gets frustrated and quits the show. It's up to Kai-Lan to help Tolee learn that if he practices, he will get better at rhyming and soon he gets to be in the show too.

Words in Mandarin Chinese

  • shàng - up
  • xià - down


  • Tolee: I see a rock, and there's a leaf. Rock.....leaf? That doesn't rhyme. Aw, I'm not good at rhyming.
  • Tolee: I see a log and... Uh... Umm... I see a log and... Umm... there's a leaf? Log...leaf? No. That doesn't rhyme. (Sigh) I'm not good at rhyming.
  • Tolee: I see a log.... and there's a... bush? Log...bush?! Ugh. THAT DOESN'T RHYME EITHER!!!!! 哎呀!!!! (drops his microphone) I'm not good at rhyming. (puts on his hood) I don't want to be in the music show. I quit.


  • This is the first episode where we see the characters playing their musical instruments. To see another episode with the characters playing their instruments, find the Season 2 episode "The Ants Dance".
  • This is first time to see Kai-Lan wears no socks in her shoes.
  • Error: In this scene where Kai-Lan is taking her shoe off, if you see closely that her toes just came out when they were about to.
  • This is the only episode where Tolee is seen without his sweatshirt.

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