Tolee, Portrait of a King
Season 1, Episode 5
Air date February 4, 2012
Written by Christopher Caesar
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Tolee, Portrait of a King is the fifth episode of the first season of the fan-made spin-off, Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures, and the show's fifth overall episode. The episode premiered on February 4, 2012. The gang meets a man who have excellent talents and a cool career.


Tolee and Lulu are getting ready to have their picture taken today. While they're getting ready, Tolee ends up making a remark about their first time having a picture together, which makes Lulu go back and tell them they have five already taken of each other. Their photographer, Kevin McCormick, shows up telling them how bad he is at directions. The two then pose for their picture and Kevin asks them if the three of them would like to hang out, which they accept.

Tolee then shows up at Kai-Lan's castle and asks her if they could have Kevin over for dinner. The name somehow comes to Rintoo, for he does who Tolee is talking about. He tells them about how me met Kevin at the movies, and how he told him about if there was any popcorn left. This makes Hoho tell them about how Kevin took some pictures of him doing some of his tricks. Hearing the stories makes Tolee encounter that their photographer is someone who has an amazing life, a wonderful experience, and shares some characteristics some of the characters do.


  • Tolee: "Phew. I thought for a second there I was about to freak out. I mean, this is the first time we'll have a picture taken."
  • Lulu: "[laughs] I know. It's like we've never done this before, except we have, five times."
  • Tolee: "Oh yeah, I forgot."

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