First Appearance

Dragonboat Festival

Voiced by

Clem Cheung


Kai-Lan, Rintoo, Tolee, Hoho, Lulu

Basic Information

Ye-Ye (simplified Chinese: 爷爷; traditional Chinese: 爺爺; pinyin: yéye, "paternal grandfather") is Kai-lan's grandfather and legal guardian. He was born in Hong Kong and lovingly passes on his exciting traditions to his granddaughter. He provides Kai-lan with gentle guidance, leading her to find her own answers, at her own pace. (Kai-lan's parents and other grandparents are not known.) He can play the tuba. He also enjoys picking apples and making dumplings for Kai-lan and all her animal friends. He's known to pop out of places unexpectedly, but the gang just gets used to it after a while. He has two brown eyes, white hair and wears a black glasses, a yellow shirt, a green pants, a brown vest and brown sandals.



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Major and Minor

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